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Her body existed only where he touched her. The rest of her was smoke.

- arundhati roy

- Arundhati Roy

her body existed only where he touched her. the rest of her was smoke.

Meet Cassiopeia

Uninhibited artist & joyful libertine.

Together we can let the walls melt away and soar past the mundane into a beauty of  our own design. 

I believe that true art comes from passion, the smoldering fires that dwell deep within us, longing to be channeled through our spirits and bodies. I see our time together as an opportunity to create something beautiful and unique together. Our movements through this world are poetry, our gestures expressions of spirit. When we come together, these expressions overlap in a moving kaleidoscope of passion and desire, give and take. 

I pride myself on embodying the best of both worlds- statuesque yet curvy, tender yet sharp, incisive yet empathic. You’ll likely find me lying in the grass with my nose in a book, diving into any body of water I can find, or sketching the female figure. I can’t get enough of the feeling of fine lace on soft skin or fingers running through my hair.

I find moments of escape from the limitations of everyday life through gardening, curling up with a fantasy book, or wandering through the woods, running my fingers over the soft mosses that carpet the forest floor.

I’ve never been one to play by the rules, and decided at a young age to live a life of pleasure. As a bisexual and true libertine, eroticism and experimentation drive my creative practice and I seek new sensual horizons like a moth seeks the flame. If you’re looking to unleash your spontaneity and explore the contours of your creative spirit, I’m the girl for you.

You and I share a burning desire to move past the expected into a joyful and untamed habitat where we alone make the rules.

I’m ready to dive into the unknown. Now all that’s left is for you to join me.

xx Cass

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At First Glance

Age                    late 20s

Sign                         Leo

Height                    5/9″

Bust           natural 34D

Grooming     unshaven

Eye color            honey

Color               emerald

Drink               mezcal

Orientation    bisexual

Languages     English, 

Spanish, learning French

At first glance

Age               28

Sign              Leo

Height         5’9″

Bust             natural 34D

Eye color     honey

Grooming   unshaven


Orientation      Bisexual  

Color       emerald  

Drink        sake 

 Food          tacos 

Languages    Spanish, learning French and Portuguese